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Saturday, January 1

NL Triple Quest

Welcome to the NO LIMIT TRIPLE QUEST blog. This blog allows you to follow Patrick throughout the evolution of this ambitious project developed in 3 parts and articulated around 3 world records: No Limit Tandem, No Limit Traditional and No Limit (Absolute).

The NL Triple Quest project is not about depth, conquer, title or performance. It is rather a human adventure, outcome of years of introspection and self debriefing. After touching to the essence of his Self through exploring new depths, Patrick Musimu now pursues his path of self-discovery by sharing feelings and emotions and interacting with people of different origin and different culture.

Out-of-the-box thinking, emotional performance, human potential, social interaction, surfing on this blog you should accept to open your mind to new possibilities, no matter how far fetched, and let Patrick embark you in a journey where everything becomes possible.