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Saturday, January 1

121m Tandem World Record

We did it! Symbol of adventurous and winning team spirit, this record in tandem fulfilled his mission.
In May 2010 Karol Meyer and I, supported by a whole team, joined our effort to share with you the story of this project. (retrospective on Fcbk: Patrick Musimu-Official)
The association and coordination of human abilities induced emotional and enriching challenges. Living the experience I came to understand how difficult it must have been for our predecessors, Pipin Ferreras and Audrey Mestre, to set the first world record (115m) years ago. Big respect!
As a consequence of our record dive, I am happy to see today a growing interest among the sport divers for this form of diving. Underwater pleasure, more than ever, becomes a team adventure.

Partners: Sector Watches, Mormaii, Buddy Dive Resort, Bonaire Tourism, Insel Air, Avianca, Brasil Merghulo, It Rains Fishes restaurant, Ivresse, Amercian Gym, Sabma
Media: US History Channel, SKY Sport TV, TV Globo, TV2 Bonaire, DecoStop magazine