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Saturday, January 1

76m of pure friendship

In 1999, around a perfect family diner table, Jean François, an old (are we?) friend from Kinshasa and I decided to celebrate our 40th birthday with a unique experience: to share the pleasure of a deep tandem.
Back then, J-F could barely hold his breath, let alone, dive on a single breath of air. But, adept of extreme endeavors he understood that depth progression was above all a repositioning of him Self.
We started training, discussing, practicing together, and in November 2010 (his 3rd diving session) our dream came through with a 76m dive of friendship. Magical, indescribable moments.
J-F progression supports my idea that free diving is a state of mind; that depth is not solely a matter of competition restricted to elite divers. Understanding, respecting and listening to one's inner body and soul is the key.