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Tuesday, January 4

Mother nature

November training confirmed the evolution in my technique as I no longer need to fill my lungs to reach extreme depth. Technique that I've been trying to fine-tune for 6 months. It hasn't been easy. Lots of trial and errors invited me to reconsider this option and almost had me giving up. I'm sure you all now too well the feeling of frustration when experiencing new challenges...
The idea is to copycat certain species of seals, which barely fill their lungs before diving to extreme depth. About it, different theories exist: for buoyancy purposes? to reduce nitrogen intake and decrease risks of decompression accidents?...Once again, mother nature is here to lead me in my progression.
'Innovation is often a transfer of one principle to another field of application.'

My partner SECTOR and I are planning the Absolute No Limit world record attempt in 2011. Two training sessions have been planned before the mammoth jump below the 200m. For the first session (Jan. 10th-24th), I will join Mr Alaa El Din and his team in Hurghada, and train to 140m.